We get all of the sum on the day of production or event. In some cases, we can leave 25% on your side until the movie will ready. Why we do this. Production video process usually include work of many people. You see just 1 or 2 videographers on an event,but you don't see people that make editing, color correction, sound and graphic design. That people have to be paid in advance. So that's the reason why we take money at the day of event
Video production can take a lot of time. We work usually on several projects simultaneously to make video production cheaper for our clients, so If you need something urgent we need to know it prior to shooting. Priority editing work (Fast editing 5-10 days) can double the price for editing because we need to find someone urgent that will edit our previous works.
Producing video need some preparation before shooting. References, scripts, examples, playlist of songs and music, storyboard, etc. They are necessary things for professional production. All of them need time and attention to detail.

We ask clients for such details, before filming | shooting so all corrections afterward can lead clients to extra costs if it takes more than 3 hours of editing.

All additional filming and remaking for payment only.
Fast editing
If you need something really urgent be ready that it could cost money, because we have normal editing schedule and workflow of going project that we have to stop to make your movie first
Creator Point of view
As creators we have our point of view so if you choose our works
RAW materials
1. We film in professional format that you will not able to read from your computer.

2. Video is not a photo. Our work is to make from RAW material something interesting and make it remarkable.

3. We don't hide anything. You can see and you can ask us to make any changes that we can do afterwards, but because that video production to be interesting needs to be in professional hands
We want nice opener and subtitles in French
We have some standard elements that we use in our work, but if you already come to video production and you need nice opener, logo animation, subtitles, translation, voice over,music that fit copyright, any graphic effects and animation we make it for additional payments.

All of them out stand from usual routine and needs to be additonaly paid
Additonal light, sound equipment
For some projects video production companies hire additional equipment. The reason is to make footage more professional. You will not see big gap between you smartphone footage and our professional cameras, but you will see the huge difference when we make your film professional with sound, light. That what you see on TV and cinema.
One video one goal
Sometimes customers want to tell everything about their businesses in a video, so the viewer of Tagret Audience doesn't understand the action that it have to make after the video ends.

One video - one goal!
The length of the video
In the past filmmakers ask for length. How much editing time does clip goes.

Nowadays consider to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Statistics people doesn't see something more than 55 seconds.

Our aim as creators became much more harder because of editing. We need to tell the story shorter from different angles and make it as much shorter to make people make an Action after the end of video.
If you or your business locate outside of Tel Aviv area we ask for transport expanses
We need just 1 min video
"Can you come ? we have small congress to capture? We don't need to make it super professional."
We can take such projects, but without any additional information we make video from our point of view, opportunities that we have on the production and event and all additional stuff we judge additonaly :)