Bar Mitzvah photography | videography

Professional Bar Mitzvah services: photography, videography, Rabbah, Tour Guide

Bar Mitzvah photography and videography

Professional Bar Mitzvah service: photography, videography, Rabbah, Tour Guide
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Bar Mitzvah ceremony next to the Western Wall

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Discover Free Torah reading resources for your son's Bar Mitzvah

Photographer for Bar Mitzvah

Masada, Jerusalem, HaKotel, The Western Wall - anywhere photographer for your son's Bar Mitzvah.
Most of them came from America
Professional photography crew for Bar Mitzvah
Extended Jewish holidays and family photography experience. Professional team of photographer and videographer in Israel that save moments of Bar | Bat Mitzvahs in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, US
  • Anton Mislawsky
    Photographer and filmmaker
    Professional with 14 years experience
  • Gregory Yarin
    Producer and filmmaker
    Make video fast and with great quality

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