Maria Medvedeva
Style for self-explorers and busy people


I want to look sexy and wild and in my element. I want others to see me and understand what I am and what I am not. I want to attract the right people. I tried looking cute and tone myself down to be more approachable, but something is not working there for me. I want to see the real me.


I often buy a piece, which is in trend, wear it once and then stop liking it and don’t wear it anymore. So my wardrobe is massive and it feels like I have nothing exciting to wear. I want my wardrobe to represent me as a person of good taste, that will also be intrinsic to my personality and appropriate in any situation, be that work, traveling or leisure.


I have 2 wonderful kids and I love spending time with them, we do all kinds of crazy stuff and I want to look feminine, also, comfort is very important for me, so it’s not too cold and not too hot, and not too tight, you know, running around, doing chores and looking professional in front of the client at work, you know what I mean?

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