Experienced full-stack programmer with a creative flair and deep technical expertise, dedicated to launching innovative ideas, industry products, and emerging technologies to market.

Programmer and Automation manager | MAKO.PRO - Performance Digital agency

Feb 2022 - Present
  • Enhanced pricing efficiency by automating price updates through APIs from Planfix, Moysklad, and various marketplaces, optimizing workflow and accuracy.
  • Increased data accessibility and analysis through the creation of dashboards in Power BI and Looker Studio, utilizing SQL queries for comprehensive data visualization.
  • Optimized business processing for Barcode generation for marketplace using Python and SQL that significantly reduced manual effort and errors.
  • Improved advertising efficiency by setting up SMS OTP verification, involving HTML/CSS/JavaScript development and crafting a bridge with PHP-script for secure API keys
  • Improved competitor analysis data collection by automatical asynchronous website parsing using Python BeautifulSoup and Selenium, streamlining the automation of data gathering.
  • Boosted tracking accuracy by writing a JavaScript script for saving, parsing, and transferring UTM tags to a Google Sheets table using Google App Script.
Proficient in Flask and Django, with a strong understanding of the MVC model. Developed my first website using PHP based on this model back in 2008.

Proficient in Linux, with in-depth understanding of bash scripting, system administration, and iptables for advanced network configuration and security management
  • Reduced operational costs up to 20% by implementing integration CRMs, Ads platform to interactive dashboards using Python, Javascript, Google Apps Script and Google Tag Manager
  • By following data-driven approach increased
  • Raised CLV about 30% by sharing different marketing expertise and services for agency clients
  • Conducted more than 100+ website and business audits for the agency clients (B2B / B2C) that leads to increasing converstion rate of closing the deal with clients
  • Was responsible for implementation different business and webdesign solution for agency clients include programming them using Javascript, Python and PHP like API and CRM integrations, SMS-verification, advanced GTM, E-commerce setup and other solutions
  • Coded on JavaScript and Google App Script and implemented a new analytical for tracking sources for Whatsapp users
  • Completely redesigned the agency website based on a CustDev that we provided to understand CJM that lead to grow convertion rate to 36%.
  • Provided A/B testing and implementation of recommendations for customers websites that was based on CustDevs. This worked help us improved conversion rates of clients website that cases published in web.
  • In several cases we observed CR changing from 4% to 8% (screenshot).
  • Participated in digital-marketing strategy creation for mortgage program for a bank from TOP20 with French share. I was in charge of prototyping website and competitors analysis.
  • Presented audits and collaborated with sales on calls to sell agency services and achieve our goals.
  • Collaborated with directors to launch new services and landing pages.
  • Maintained agency websites that include even injection of CSS, Javascript, PHP code.
  • Composed and reviewed different sketches, designs and technical tasks from designers to make visual representation of brands and their ads more attractive.

Full-stack marketing manager | Guinot - French brand

May 2020 - Feb 2022

Created and developed digital-marketing strategy for Russian branch of the French premium cosmetics brand at the time of COVID quarantine period.
Upgraded 6 Guinot websites: franchise, two e-commerce shops, dealer’s websites and two salons by developing prototypes, writing technical tasks, UX/UI-improvements, redesigning, migration, etc.
Produced visual photo and video content for SMM and PR departments by myself and by inviting professional editors, photographers, filmmakers (YouTube, Reels).

Handled and implemented developed 6 websites of different departments B2C, B2B, Franchise.

Full-stack marketer | Shutters Studio Israel

Feb 2016 - Feb 2020

Restarted my photography business in Israel after Alliyah.
Created photo and video content for business for more than 7 years for different companies in Israel, Russia, Dubai, Italy, France, US.

Developed B2B and B2C connections with our clients and steak holders


  • Research B2B and B2C competitors and provide suggestions for funnel improvement
  • Brand content strategy creation for B2B and B2C customers
  • Competitor, target audience analysis
  • Pros and cons investigation with polls and interviews
  • Collaboration work with experts, contractors, partners, sales department
  • Prototype creation and performing website UX\UI design based on CJM and statistics data analysis
  • Technical requirements (creation) for contractors: designers, programmers, SMM
  • A/B testing hypotheses
  • Setting up and preparing content to run and control ads on Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube
  • Optimization business process by reducing
  • Creation Webinars funnel


  • Website development for B2B and B2C customers (Wordpress, Tilda, Bitrix)
  • Implementation new UX/UI features. Working on implementation new features
  • Digital-marketing strategy development
  • Prototyping websites, landing pages, stylish sales presentations and email-marketing campaigns. Controlling execution of this work by contractors
  • Automated emails creation for standard user actions: registration, sales
  • Ads and Instagram Reels design and montage with the helps of After Effects, Premier, Mojo, Canva, Figma, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Page layouting with website builders


  • Working on customer acquisition and retention
  • Website Administration (Wordpress, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Tilda, Bitrix)
  • Growing CR by implementation website usability based on marketing data and open researches
  • Increasing website conversion by improving the UX of the internal pages of websites
  • Redesign, usability improvement for online stores according to CJM: navigation, menu, product pages, checkout forms from zero values to sane for an online store of this class
  • Website migration to another CMS
  • SEO-optimization for different businesses
  • Technical problem management on production incidents
  • Marketing strategy development loyalty program, email-marketing campaigns,
  • Acquisition forbidden carts)
  • Configure Google Tag Manager, goals and metrics for Google Analytics, GA4, Facebook
  • Google Merchant and Instagram shopping implementation
  • Creation and management a plan for website improvements
  • SMS-authorization implementation for internet shop
  • Working with CSS \ HTML and minority editing
  • CRM + Call tracking integration
  • Email campaigns and blog development to increasing retention


  • Producing photo and video content and collaboration with different departments: videographers, editors, model, makeup artists, stylists.
  • Treatment creation
  • Working as a photographer and a filmmaker on different business photoshoots
  • Photographing and filming photo and video content for Instagram REELS, YouTube, TikTok and website
  • Speech writing for short marketing ads
  • Looking for contractors, collaborators


Saratov State University 2003-2008 (Russia) - Physical Department

Laser and computer physics


Russian, English, Hebrew
Visa to US until 2029
Driver license - B2