Creative Digital-marketer with extensive technical and creative skills and knowledge with a passion for bringing creative ideas industry products and emerging technologies to market.


Conducted more than 100+ website and business audits for the agency clients (B2B / B2C).
Doubled average Customer Lifetime value by sharing marketing expertise to the agency clients.
Provided A/B testing and implementation of that recommendations on customers websites that improved conversion rates from 4% to 8%.
Participated in digital-marketing strategy creation for mortgage programs for a bank from TOP10. I was in charge of prototyping website and competitors analysis.

Presented audits on calls and collaborated with sales to sell agency services and achieve our goals.

Digital Marketing Expert | MAKO - Performance Digital agency
  • Conducted more than 100+ website and business audits for the agency clients (B2B / B2C).
  • Increased average Customer Lifetime value by sharing marketing expertise to the agency clients.
  • Provided A/B testing and implementation of that recommendations on customers websites that improved conversion rates. Some cases gave x2 increment from 1% to 8%.
  • Participated in digital-marketing strategy creation for mortgage program for a bank from TOP20 with French share. I was in charge of prototyping website and competitors analysis.
  • Presented audits and collaborated with sales on calls to sell agency services and achieve our goals.
  • Collaborated with directors to launch new services and landing pages.
  • Maintained agency websites that include even injection of CSS, Javascript, PHP code.
  • Composed and reviewed different sketches, designs and technical tasks from designers to make visual representation of brands and their ads more attractive.
Digital marketing manager | Guinot - professional cosmetic brand
  • Created and developed digital-marketing strategy for Russian branch of the French premium cosmetics brand at the shocked COVID’s quarantine period.
  • Upgraded 6 Guinot websites: franchise, two e-commerce shops, dealer’s websites and two salons by developing prototypes, writing technical tasks, UX/UI-improvements, redesigning, migration, etc.
  • Produced visual photo and video content for SMM and PR departments by myself and by inviting professional editors, photographers, filmmakers (YouTube, Reels).
  • Handled and implemented developed 6 websites of different departments B2C, B2B, Franchise.
Director and content creator | Shutters Studio Israel
  • Restarted my photography business in Israel after Alliyah.
  • Created photo and video content for business for more than 7 years for different companies in Israel, Russia, Dubai, Italy, France, US.
  • Developed B2B and B2C connections with our clients and steak holders


  • Analyzed customers sales funnels based on data-analysis for B2B and B2C customers to determine bottle necks in their CJM.
  • Provided competitor and target audience analysis for pros and cons investigation with online polls and interviews.
  • Developed and prioritized hypotheses for A/B-testing and UX-improvements.
  • Optimized business process by invention automatization technology and services
  • Created content and marketing strategies for B2B and B2C customers.


  • Interacted with sales department in reaching their goals.
  • Increased website conversion rates by improving their usability.
  • Configured Google Tag Manager, custom goals and metrics for Google Analytics, GA4, Meta.
  • Applied hidden UTM-tags and dataLayer injections for websites and end-to-end analytics for enhanced e-commerce tracking.
  • Created Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube marketing campaigns.
  • Applied short but important CSS, JavaScript and PHP codes for end-to-end analytics, Call-tracking and CRM data transferring and integration.
  • Designed usability improvements for online stores according to their CJM and structure: catalogs, navigation, menus, product pages, checkout forms, CTA, authorization modules like fordable filters and mega-menus, cross-sale modules, infinite scroll, background page load, AJAX technology.
  • Used growth-hacking methods to increase customers acquisition and retention rates.
  • Maintained online stores Wordpress, OpenCart, PrestaShop debug incidents, recovered from backups and provided migration from one CMS to another.
  • Reached first positions in Google by SEO-optimization for different businesses.
  • Created automated and triggered email-marketing letters: subscription, orders, forbidden carts, etc.
  • Implemented Google Merchant and Instagram shopping.


  • Created detailed website prototypes for B2B and B2C customers
  • Developed technical requirements for contractors: designers, programmers, SMM
  • Cooperated with designers to create stylish sales marketing offers, B2B-presentations, Ads, Youtube-thumbnails, emails and controlled execution of that work by contractors.
  • Produced video editing with After Effects, Premier, Mojo, Canva, Figma


Hadassah TAKA - 2015-2016 (Jerusalem)

  • Hebrew courses

Saratov State University 2003-2008 (Russia) - Physical Department

  • Laser and computer physics


Russian, English, Hebrew
Visa to US until 2029
Driver license - B2


For the start I accept less than $5000 per month, but after 3 months