Creative Digital marketer with extensive technical skills and knowledge with a passion for bringing creative ideas industry products and emerging technologies to market.


Saratov State University 2003-2008 (Russia) - Physical Department

  • Laser and computer physics

Hadassah TAKA - 2015-2016 (Jerusalem)

  • Hebrew courses ( Gimel Level)


Development of regulations for audit specialists

Auditing sites and writing recommendations to increase the conversion rate of the site

Creation of a marketing strategy for promotion , Competitor analysis


  • Research B2B and B2C competitors and provide suggestions for funnel improvement
  • Brand content strategy creation for B2B and B2C customers
  • Competitor, target audience analysis
  • Pros and cons investigation with polls and interviews
  • Collaboration work with experts, contractors, partners, sales department
  • Prototype creation and performing website UX\UI design based on CJM and statistics data analysis
  • Technical requirements (creation) for contractors: designers, programmers, SMM
  • A \ B testing hypotheses
  • Setting up and preparing content to run and control ads on Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube
  • Optimization business process by reducing
  • Creation Webinars funnel


  • Website development for B2B and B2C customers.
  • Bug Tracking and reporting. Working on implementation new features
  • Marketing strategy campaigns and strategy
  • Prototyping websites, landing pages, stylish sales presentations and email-marketing campaigns. Controlling execution of this work by contractors
  • Automated emails creation for standard user actions: registration, sales
  • Ads and Instagram Reels design and montage with the helps of After Effects, Premier, Mojo, Canva, Figma, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Page layouting with Ukrainian builder Tilda


  • Working on customer acquisition and retention
  • Website Administration (Wordpress, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Tilda, Bitrix)
  • Growing CR by redesigning website and implementation and usability improvement of two internet shops based on marketing research
  • Increasing website conversion by improving the UX of the internal pages of websites,
  • Redesign, usability improvement of two websites of online stores according to CJM.,
  • navigation and menus, product pages and order forms from zero values to sane for an online store of this class
  • Website and user Migration to another CMS
  • SEO-optimization for different businesses
  • Technical problem management on production incidents
  • Marketing strategy development loyalty program, email-marketing campaigns,
  • Acquisition forbidden carts)
  • Configure Google Tag Manager, goals and metrics for Google Analytics, GA4, Facebook
  • Google Merchant and Instagram shopping implementation
  • Creation and management a plan for website improvements
  • SMS-authorization implementation for internet shop
  • Working with CSS \ HTML and minority editing
  • CRM + Call tracking integration
  • Email campaigns and blog development to increasing retention


Producing photo and video content and collaboration with different departments: videographers, editors, model, makeup artists, stylists.
Treatment creation
Working as a photographer and a filmmaker on different business photoshoots
Photographing and filming photo and video content for Instagram REELS, YouTube, TikTok and website
Speech writing for short marketing ads
Looking for contractors, collaborators


Creation regulation checklists for repeating business processes for a team
Presentation new ideas, marketing strategies and budgets for CEO
Setting goals and tasks for different contractors: SMM, SEO, PPC, website programmers, designers, copywriters, different departments
Budget optimization by shutdown non effective channels
Basic digital marketing explanation for different departments
Implementation modern collaboration work apps for a team work : FIGMA, Notion, Tilda, CANVA, Mojo, VN etc